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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better 2D or 3D drafting?

Generally, designers are still using 2D drafting more than half of the time. While 3D offers many advantages, 2D drafting is still easier to use in terms of getting the job out the door quickly and inexpensively. Most of the buildings and design construction projects that are over 25 years old were designed using pencil and paper in 2D. Eventually most drafting and design work will naturally move from 2D to 3D. It’s only a matter of time when designers trained on 2D shifts as new generations are being trained in 3D. 3D design is the future; Just like specialization in new technologies is the future. 2D will still be around for a while; use us for your 3D.


What professions benefit most by providing 3D concept drawings to their clients?

Architectural millwork manufacturers, Custom cabinetry, General contractors, Interior designers, Architects, Home builders, Real estate marketing professionals, , Home theater integrators, Design-build contractors, Custom kitchen retailers, Closet companies, Remodelers, Corporate procurement, Wine connoisseurs, Construction management firms, Trade show display producers, Owner-builders, Real estate developers , AIA division six and division nine supplier/contractors, Government procurement department, Hotels, Bar restaurants, Professional office buildings, Retail stores, Store fixture manufacturers, Franchise real estate dept.


How do I tell you how much detail to put into the3D illustration?

We can discuss various levels of detail for budget and aesthetics. Here is a simplified progressive list of detailing we can discuss:

3D Line drawing

3D Line drawings with dimension layer on

3D Line with textures

3D Line with textures and accessories

3D Line, textures, accessories, shadows, window views to other rooms or outdoors.

3D Photo realistic rendering.


How do we get a quote?

Please email us enough information so that we can determine the time it will take to complete your rendering. We typically need a floor plan and relevant wall elevations with dimensions; also wall openings, windows and doors. These could be hand drawn or professionally drafted plans. For architectural millwork or custom cabinet shops; we will work to a 16th of an inch typically. Feel free to call and discuss.


What is the cost of a rendering?

We are very competitive with our pricing. We will provide an exact quote for each job. Renderings can be as little as $100 and then go up from there. We can discuss the level of detail that you would like in your illustration. Our terms are 50% deposit and balance due after we send a watermarked proof to you, and prior to delivery. We accept Paypal, most major credit cards or company checks.


How long does it take to get a rendering?

Depending on the size and complexity of the project; lead time could take from two or three days or longer depending on particulars. Feel free to call and discuss.


How are you deliver the drawings?

We will format of drawings in any of the following file formats: pdf, jpg, dwg, dxf, skp and psd. We can format the paper size on the drawings according to your preference and deliver via email or Dropbox.


Can you work from AutoCAD files?



Do you use Sketchup?

Yes, we use SketchUp 2018 as well as other CAD software. We produce SketchUp millwork drawings, SketchUp interior drawings and SketchUp construction drawings.


What kind of renderings do you specialize in?

Commercial and residential interiors, 3D space plans. 3d drawings can include general or specific: Walls, ceilings, floors, flooring coverings, windows and window coverings, architectural millwork, doors, custom cabinetry, appliances, counters, moldings, lighting, furnishings, fixtures, seating, work stations,and any other construction supplied items.


What if we want something drawn in 3-D and we do not see it pictured on your website?

We have hundreds of pages of 3-D drawings and thousands of pages of 2-D drawings which we have produced since the 1990s. If we put several hundred drawings on the website, most people would not take the time to look at all of them. Aslo, we only can show plans and drawings which our clients have given us permission to reproduce. We are experienced in all relevant phases of construction, interiors and millwork/woodwork for residential and commercial projects. Feel free to contact us if you would like specific information.


What is the difference between 3D modeling vs. 3D drafting?

3D drafting produces an single image and single view with a vanishing point (perspective). 3D modeling allows us to draw an actual “model” including walls, floors, ceilings and millwork etc. as a full scale entity in 3D computer cyberspace. Then we can take a sort of camera tool and position it in an infinite number of positions in, near, far, around above, askew, below and anywhere about that model for what would possibly be considered an infinite number of printable/viewable perspective views. Draw once, then view and print dozens of different views as desired.


Do you have a list of services which you provide?

In an effort toward accuracy, the following list of services may appear to be redundant in some cases. At times there can be multiple ways to refer to the same item.

3D Interior Illustrations

3d Millwork Illustrations

3D CAD Architectural Renderings

3D Interior Modeling

3D Interior Renderings

3D Architectural Illustrations

3D Millwork Renderings

3D CAD drafting

3D millwork CAD drafting

3D Architectural modeling

3D CAD architectural renderings

3D Millwork Modeling

3D Architectural Renderings

Perspective Rendering

Architecture Rendering Service

Architectural interior rendering

3d room rendering

Cabinet rendering

Interior design illustration

3d CAD rendering

3d CAD interior design drawings

Interior Illustrations

Millwork Illustrations

CAD Architectural Renderings

Interior Modeling

Interior Renderings

Architectural Illustrations

Millwork Renderings

CAD drafting Millwork

CAD drafting

Architectural modeling

CAD architectural renderings

3D Millwork Modeling

Architectural Renderings

Render 3d

Architectural interior rendering

Room rendering

Cabinet rendering

CAD rendering

CAD interior design drawings


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